HCL BigFix

The IT industry's leading platform for managing endpoints.


Cost-effective solution that is easy to operate

HCL BigFix is a security and management solution to manage and operate all types of endpoints in the business, regardless of whether they are desktops or laptops, whether they are clients or servers, whether they are mobile phones or tablets or whether they are physical or virtual devices .

HCL BigFix can be installed locally as an on premise solution, or it can be rented as a service from CDS. IBM BigFix can be connected to the cloud service MaaS360 if desired.

HCL BigFix supports most platforms: Windows clients and servers, Linux, AIX, CentOS, Debian, HP-UX, Mac OS X, RedHat Linux, Solaris, SUSE Linux, Ubuntu, and VMWare ESX Server.

HCL BigFix is a unified platform that enables businesses to not only manage known threats, but also to quickly take action where attacks do occur.

The HCL BigFix version also has greater Modern Client Management, including autopilot and automatic patching in the Web-GUI.

Effective patch management

Comprehensive mapping of software

Quick overview of connected computers

Control of compliance by security polices

Distribution of OS and software

HCL BigFix Lifecycle

Platform-independent solution that provides uniform handling of endpoints in real time without delays. The product includes management, mapping of IT resources connected to the network, distribution of software and OS distribution, remote control of endpoints, and control of power consumption

HCL BigFix Inventory

Effective tool for mapping what is available of installed software, computers in the network and peripheral equipment in general. With BigFix Inventory, organizations can check at any time that the use of installed licensed software is correct in accordance with license agreements.

HCL BigFix Compliance

å The module has support for many different benchmarks to check that the business complies with security polices. The module has support for benchmarks published by CIS, STIGA, USGCB and PSI CSS. It also has support for configuring security settings on the fly.

HCL BigFix Modern client management

Modern management can be added to all BigFix modules. The module provides access to roll out endpoints over-the-air. The module also provides support for rolling out MDM policies, distributing modern options such as locking equipment and wiping. Provides deep insight into Windows 10 clients and MAC clients.


Heard and said about HCL BigFix

BigFix's return on investment (ROI) was not even questioned because it was clear that BigFix's efficient patching capabilities would improve their overall security posture over what SCCM was delivering

Donald Moss

Technical Advisor BigFix Team

This first major release of BigFix, under HCL ownership, demonstrates that HCL is ready to invest and that it understands what's needed to ensure BigFix can continue to discover, analyze, manage, and secure the modern, rapidly changing, endpoint landscape,

Dave Gruber

Senior ESG Analysis