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CDS is the only IBM Norway business partner on System Z.


Once upon a time there was an American IT company called Amdahl…

The American computer manufacturer Amdahl established itself in Norway in 1972. When the company decided to adopt alternative distribution models in the 'small' countries, CDS chose in 2000 to take over expertise and customer obligations from the Norwegian subsidiary - to build a Norwegian competence center for business-critical information processing . As it was in the mainframe environment that we had our roots and that was where we had our expertise, we applied and in 2000 CDS became an IBM Business partner on System Z and storage.

CDS's business idea is to supply infrastructure and services for professional, business-critical data processing to leading IT environments in Norway. CDS has a long tradition in service and maintenance, and has broad expertise in mainframe operation and associated infrastructure.

CDS continues the legacy from Amdahl, with solid storage and mainframe expertise complemented by extensive expertise in open systems and storage networks. This makes CDS a competence center for solutions within mainframes and open systems, and not least for comprehensive centralized solutions where both worlds play together.

IBM's flagship server is characterized by a machine that never stops, scalability and 40 years of experience in virtualization and consolidation. Used in Norway by both large and smaller public and private companies and agencies.
System z can today offer its own dedicated processors for databases and Linux, which contribute to a new and much lower price level for using this superb platform.

IBM and CDS offer System z configured with the necessary hardware and software for Linux, priced at a level that makes virtual servers on System z perhaps the most affordable servers on the market.

z/VM has been used on IBM's mainframes almost as long as mainframes have existed. However, after IBM announced virtual Linux servers on System z, z/VM has become more popular and relevant than ever. z/VM is used to create new servers, and a new server can be created in 2 minutes. Even better, servers that are no longer in use can be removed and the resources become available for new missions. IBM announced in 2006 a program to simplify and improve administration tools on System z. USD 100 million was set aside, and today System z appears with a modern graphics tool.

The individual virtual servers are perceived by the user as any server, and can be linked together in a network. However, these networks are also virtual and use so-called 'hypersockets' to talk to each other. Hypersockets use memory as a channel, and this means networks with memory speed.

CDS was established in Norway in 2000

CDS is an IBM business partner on System Z

IBM System Z is innovation and continuity

IBM LinuxONE - Mainframe designed Linux OS

IBM Power Systems - When extreme performance is required


IBM Quantum is here

- Quantum computers are very different from today's computers, not only how they look and what they are made of, but more importantly - what they can do, says Arvind Krishna, director of IBM Research, in a press release. ( )

Said about the IBM mainframe:

It's not easy to remember, but IBM was the computer industry when I was growing up. You loved 'em. You hated 'em. You knew what they were doing. They had set a standard for mainframes.

Bill Gates


Cloud computing didn't kill the mainframe. The disruptive technology did, however, cause the mainframe to evolve. You could say the mainframe has changed it into a different beast.

David Hardimand

SVP at CA Technologies, Inc.