Safe, predictable and cost-effective operation requires a holistic approach.


To achieve stable operations and to reduce total IT costs, a good strategy behind handling the company's clients and servers is important.

 CDS has over 20 years' experience with implementation, operational assistance and consultancy of endpoint management systems for large public and private businesses with their own IT department.

CDS has a holistic approach to Endpoint Management in order to be the strategic partner that offers advice, implementation support, tools and operational support to the customer's endpoints. Our senior consultants and system architects hold the highest certifications in their respective fields and have worked with some of the largest companies in the country - Telenor, Statkraft, Harald A. Møller, Hydro, Aker Kværner, NSB and more.

We are helpful in automating the operation of the data park, so that the customer's valuable IT personnel can instead use their time for forward-looking and exciting tasks - rather than extinguishing fires and carrying out repetitive tasks.

Let us help identify and solve problems before your users discover them.


We see a trend where computer attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and where the losses can be large - when the company is hit by business interruptions, extortion and industrial espionage. We work together with your company's security department to secure your company's clients, servers, mobile phones and other equipment. We do this by means of patching, penetration testing, consultancy and implementation of best practices and policies. Our consultants have extensive experience in working with security, and hold up-to-date certifications.

Compliance with license agreements

Under-licensing can be expensive – but so can over-licensing. Our tools monitor software usage and measure this against current licensing. Our advice and help not only gives the customer security against being properly licensed - we can also, as a neutral third party, offer advice and forecasting for future licensing needs. Although compliance is traditionally used against licences, CDS can also act as an intermediary to audit and monitor compliance with obligations between two parties. This could, for example, concern security provisions, policies or other provisions involving the company's endpoints and their use.

Discovered vulnerabilities

'Finding the needle in the haystack' is a well-known term, and very relevant when we talk about data parks with thousands of components. We know Big Data, and assist with forecasting, analyses, strategic planning and vulnerability testing of the endpoints. CDS can help anticipate future needs, and advise on how best to meet these.


Operation and automation of large hardware parks has been our bread and butter for over 20 years. CDS ensures that the customer's endpoints are up-to-date, secure, up and available to the greatest extent possible. We work for the highest possible availability and user satisfaction and the best economy for our customers. Our long experience with large companies has taught us to work across departments and disciplines. We collaborate with the customer's technical staff and management, and handle various platforms and device types. CDS helps automate the business's operations of servers, clients, mobile phones, terminals and other IoT devices.

Automated operation of clients and servers

Compliance with license agreements

Map vulnerabilities and security threats

Cost-effective operation and maintenance

Holistic approach


Distribution of software and security updates

Our engineers have extensive experience and expertise in packaging and distributing software. Distribution of OS images and applications from one point to many thousands of endpoints is our special expertise. Everything can in theory be packaged and installed anywhere at any time, although it requires advanced customizations.